Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frank, Kanda (フランク、鍛冶町)

Where do they get these names? By 'they' I mean 'the people of Japan'. Still, we love 'em, one and all (the funny names). Frank is a more-than-worthy contribution to the name sweepstakes. Where does the word 'sweepstakes' come from? (This is a colorless and unsurprising explanation. Yuck. I hold out hope for a more interesting story, like how the old woman who used to clean up fenceposts one day hit the lottery.)

Today we tried to hit up Budoya, which is a tasty-looking curry place across the street from Mieux Dominus on the mean streets of Kanda. Budoya had run out of...yes, rice, of course, that makes sense. The Italian-colored sign around the corner beckoned, and we succumbed to the spell of traditional Italian favorites like ハンバーグ、ハヤシオムライス and 牛たたき丼.

The master was cooking and serving by himself today, as advised by the sign near the door - "My part time guy is sick today, so...". He did a good job though! In particular the omelettes were fluffy and wet, just the way Japanese people like 'em (me, I want it turned over and dry) and the Hayashi rice (sorta rice flavored with tomatoes and/or beef stew) was good too. I guess that's why it was the daily special. The tataki don was a little disappointing; I guess by getting there almost at 1 we were guaranteed to receive the leftover rice (if it hadn't run out), so it was a bit on the tough and dry side. All lunches come with a plate of lettuce and dressing as well as a cup of tomatoey broth (in a good way).

Hey, if you can't get into the curry place or the really charming but slow Italian place across from M.D., this will be a fine backup!

No Winehouse, but there is a nice wine store next door.

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