Monday, April 27, 2009

Kappogi, Otemachi (かっぽうぎ)

A recent spate of mediocre to bad lunches have left us worried, my friends, that we've exhausted all the good lunch options in Otemachi. Today's sojourn at Kappogi did only a little to ameliorate that trend, but it did afford us the opportunity to use 'sojourn' and 'ameliorate' in one sentence.

There's a signboard outside that explains the '3-dish' system, but being fundamentally lazy and illiterit I didn't try to get through it. That means I was a bit puzzled by the cashier demanding Y700 from me as soon as I entered. My bad. Here's how the system works:
1. Enter
2. Pay
3. Select a main dish and two side dishes from the counter.
4. etc, etc.

After a weekend of quiet contemplation of a weekday-macrobiotic lifestyle, I somehow stumbled right into it. Granted, it was very late in the day, so the options were limited. Judging by the paucity of plates present in the place, vs. the cornucopia conspicuously cdisplayed on the web site, I'd say that they make a big batch before lunch, then throw it out there...and that meant I was pretty much stuck with the tofu burger. Not that there's anything wrong with that! It was big and, errr, meaty, and filled with firm chunks of something that was either gobo or else chicken cartilege........[insert mildly unpleasant 5-second reverie] Sides were a very nice potato salad and a further healthy/macro dish of raw mountain potato sticks and sliced okra. All the slimy favorites.

Anyway, you'll have noticed from the price and the mildly sunny disposition of this post (at least, it was intended to be) that I kinda enjoyed it. And killed off another under-track place, ムワハハハハ!

Well, it wasn't UNpleasant!

No connection is meant or implied by the use of lazy and illiterate in the same sentence. I also apologize for the ongoing use of any words that could be construed as harmful to a less fortunate segment of the population, including the 'r' word.

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