Thursday, April 9, 2009

Steak Peter, Tokyo

Mom has always been a big fan of health food. Some of my earliest memories seem to be of hanging out in health food stores, trying to get some carob snacks. Or yogurt raisins (do those ever get anywhere near yogurt?). Some kids take this as a prod to go in the direction of anti-health food, and are delighted whenever they cross paths with junk. Fortunately I never felt much this way, but I do remember an odd fascination on the 2 or 3 occasions when I ate Chef Boyardee canned pasta products. The sauce was bizarre, some sort of meaty-tomatoey concoction loaded with sugar. What's even weirded is that Steak Peter has got it, and they put it on their hamburgers.

EOITwJ gets weird ideas, and ever since we saw a restaurant called 'Steak Peter' in the basement of the Nippon Building, we've been itching to try it. This despite that fact that it's just normal-looking yoshoku. Finally managed to go today, like an idiot didn't even remember to order the eponymous item, and confirmed that it is indeed a normal-tasting and kinda sad salaryman hangout. But that Boyardee's not bad tasting!

In addition to the steaks which I didn't eat, you basically choose between sets of fried things and hamburgers in sauce (every set is a hamburger plus some fried stuff, I mean). I chose the fried fish, of course, because it's more healthy, and got two largish filets and a big red hamburger. Also a mound of lettuce and a small serving of cold pasta. OK, whatever! The burger was fine and maybe even good, the fish were quite OK too, and, well, it was OK. Why did I forget to get the steak though?!

The steaks are in your choice of sizes, normal and bigger, and then you can also pick between 'Beef' and 'Psycho' versions. (OK, OK, it's really 最高, but isn't it awesome that people yell 'psycho!!!' on TV when they think something is great?). Expensive steak sets come in around Y1400, everything else is more like Y900. Everything comes with terrible soup also; I tried it just to make sure it was terrible.

Another sad installment on our pilgrimage around the churches of Otemachi.


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