Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Suginoko Udon, Tokyo (すぎのこ、東京駅キチンストリート)

Yesterday, my friends, marked the end of our three month 'experimental' period here at EOITwJ. For the first three months of Otemachi life, we resolved to 1) Wear no tie that we had previously worn in our old lives, but only ties that we bought over the New Year's break and 2) Eat lunch at a different restaurant every day. With both of those goals met (more or less, and let's not dwell on the details of the tie project), we happily put on a favorite old tie and...went to a new restaurant.

Things were pretty crowded as a result of the 12 PM office departure, and the April 1st date didn't help (new kids start at all the companies today. There are noticably fewer of them this year, but they're still in effect.). As usual, we ended up with an open place. Maybe this is why I'm not that enthused about Otemachi restaurants - all the good places are full?!

Suginoko is a volume place, with specialist udon in various soups. Whichever set you get (Y1200), you'll also receive a healthy cube of omelette as well as a tuna bowl (chopped raw tuna with onions and seaweed, over rice). And then a big ol' bowl of udon. The noodles themselves had a nice springy texture (I used to find it disturbing, and I'm not sure when I turned that particular corner), and the white sesame soup that I had was pretty decent. Zone got the Chicken Curry udon, which was wickedly curried and smelled pretty nice even from my side of the table. It came with a bib, which he used to good effect. Remember to avoid curry udon if your chopstick skills aren't up to it, OK? They're big, long, and extra slimy.

Here, the tabelog link is better than the lame Kitchen Street page.

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