Friday, April 17, 2009

Torahachi, Otemachi (とら八)

Our introduction to Torahachi was momentarily a bit of a worry - the overhead speakers were playing a 70's power pop song that I like but couldn't identify. Really an embarassment. After that it was more comprehensible, if less exciting, as we cycled through late-70's favorites across a number of genres. The Eagles treated us to Take It to the Limit, then War asked Why Can't We Be Friends? Blondie broke her Heart of Glass (just kidding, Blondie Is a Group!) and Crystal Gayle affirmed that 'It' still makes her brown eyes blue. This really reminded me of listening to AM radio as a kid, especially the Crystal.

Oh, was this a restaurant? Yes. And more to the point, it was the next stop on our quest to knock off all the options under the tracks behind the office. Today's cold, so the warm, dark plates of curry on the sign outside called out to us...and did not disappoint. Koala and I each dived in our own veritable ocean of curry; specially-designed plates allowed for enough rice to choke a camel while leaving room for waves of curry to lap comfortably at the sides. The curry actually included some beef-bits, which is always a bit of a bonus. Soup was OK. Salad was forgettable. Tea came in an Iichiko-branded vacuum flask on the table. Not a bad curry lunch. Keep it in mind if you don't want to go far from the office. And if your office is in the same building as ours.

What exactly is an 'adult izakaya'? Anyway, great pictures of the lunches here.

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