Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uossu, Otemachi (魚っす!、新大手町ビル)

This is one of those places that I walk by frequently and never go into. Usually I'm walking by coming from the train, when they're not open, or going to the train, when I'd like to stop in but am trying to avoid extraneous calories when alone. Today lunch had to wait until almost 1:30, and at that point this place tasted pretty good. Perhaps an old shoe also would have, but I think it's genuinely decent.

UPDATE May 27, 2010: Seriously, the fish here is good. A clear cut above normal seafood bowl lunch places.
UPDATE June 3rd, 2010: Seriously, the fish here is good and cheap - quality servings of buri and madai, $6 each, on ice with various garnishes including chrysanthemum leaves (which go surprisingly well with sashimi!).  And at night, the drink situation is great - in keeping with the casual 'fisherman' theme, they have 30 types of cup sake. Fun to look at, fun to drink, fun place. Crowded and noisy at night.

OK, back to the April 09 post:

This is one of those places that makes a point of getting their fish from non-standard sources (by which I mean 'not Tsukiji'). Without taking pictures (it's a weekday. No pictures for you.), I'll say it's a tiny bit like Tobishima - fishing boat banners on the walls and various other fishy appurtenances. The daily (evening) specials including fugu karaage (blowfish fried-chicken style?) and various seasonal shrimp fritters. The lunches are more standard; I meant to have the mixed tuna rice bowl, but I just asked for the tuna bowl, and that's what I got - saved a few hundred yen through carelessness! The akami was soft, without any tendon or chewiness, and had a decent flavor. The rice and nori were also kinda fresh and tasty (this is when I started to suspect that I was just ril ril hungry).

This is not one of those places that costs a lot of money. The ordinary rice bowls are under Y1000, and come with a bowl of soup and some ordinary cold udon as well. Things are working out well on the money side today - first I lost two EBay auctions, saving a huge amount of money, and then I ordered the wrong lunch, saving Y300. Must be my lucky day. I should go to pachinko later.

Now that's what I call music!

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