Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fat Jack's, Sewell

Yes my friends, today was Arts and Crafts Festival day in Pitman, and also Earth Day (kinda typical for Pitman to have Earth Day on a different day from the rest of the world, no?). That meant that EOIPwJ was down there mixing it up in a live combo led by famous newspaperman and entertainer Jim Six (just like the number), getting a little sunburned, dodging insects and vegetal material falling from the trees, and learning new songs as Jim played them.

More importantly, there was lunch afterward. In an odd twist of fate, there about 5 tents selling pulled pork sandwiches, but my allegiance was already committed to Patty of Fat Jack's since she took good care of Greg and I when we went for takeout a couple nights ago. Patty told us that the mobile truck would be out for the Pitman festivities, and there it was, looking awfully bright and cheery parked in front of the library.

And serving up barbeque on buns.

How was it? Actually a little better than when we had it the other night. On that occasion the ribs were a little tough, which pretty much defeats the purpose, no? The pulled pork was also a bit on the dry and unflavorful side. Today the pork itself was juicy and soft and flavorful, and the sauce was as sweet and spicy as I remembered. Probably not a purist's idea of great barbeque, but not bad, and worth a try if you're in the area as it may be just your idea of great barbeque.

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  1. looks shocking, but probably tastes great ;-)