Friday, May 22, 2009

The Landmark, Glassboro

The Landmark - seemingly striving to be the hub of the massive and truly strange development activity afoot on the outskirts of downtown Glassboro. But quite accidentally - when this place fully remodeled and moved in to the old Franklin House site, I think most people were as surprised as me. It seemed like a fairly outside bet in the revitalization of a quite ordinary and decrepit downtown (the movie theater even used to have porn, which has gotta be a cliche for urban areas gone to seed). But they were either banking on big draws of business from Rowan University just down the road (not a bad bet) or else had some advance knowledge of the plans that were afoot, and now they must be rubbing hands with glee over the huge apartment blocks being built just across the street. It'll be interesting to see how this all turns out in these tough economic times.

Quite an intensive introduction for what's basically a sports bar, but if you don't know the American sports bar concept, mes amis, you probably should. It's a big bar. With lots of TVs. And you can watch sports. And eat greasy bar food. Got it? Not complex. This one expands the thematic pallette by adding 'Americana' to it - old signs (a style that you might be familiar with from something like TGI Friday's in Japan) and promotional items on the walls. Picture above is obviously a Music Man Van Halen guitar and a Strat with beer logos, but they have a bunch of other guitars along this wall and then also promo snowboards on another wall.

Then there's the food. Above you've got your basic crab cake sandwich (and crab cakes, despite their popularity in Pitman and the surrounds, are really a maryland meibutsu, so maybe I shouldn't go nuts on that) and your basic pulled pork sandwich. The crab cake was a fried nugget of pulled crab bits; not bad but not very exciting. The pulled pork was a little more juicy and a lot less tasty compared to the one from Fat Jack's last week. The fries were slightly odd; I can only imagine that they're dipped in batter before frying, and I should research how and why this is done rather than just speculating, but not today. All in all this was more filling than good, and the service was of the 'Be young, have, drink Pepsi, talk to the other waitresses'
Better luck next time, Mr. Landmark, but I fear that your customers are in a bit of a bind due to the excellence of your strategic location. Well done on that!

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