Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uncle Bill's Pancake House, Cape May

Another Cape May institution - down at the south end of the strip, a big round dining room, lots of waitresses (no sailor suits like The Lobster House, but still good), and massive breakfasts. I'm told that in season it's difficult-to-impossible to get a table here, but the week before Memorial Day, no probs.
Uncle Bill has a lotta...pancakes. Oh boy. And they are big, and they are fluffy, and they come with this wide, deep dimple in the middle that is totally full of butter that melts while you eat and...ooogh. Actually the side eggs and meat were less good than I wanted them to be, except the bacon, which was crisp and crackly the way god intended it to be. But the pancakes were everything one could hope for, adn that's what keeps the people comin' back.

Particularly amusing to me is the admonition (repeated on the other branch that we saw a few towns north, later in the day): No Credit Cards. ATM Inside.


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