Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gala, Tokyo (伽羅)

Well, notch off another one under the tracks. After this we're down to branches of Kassen Ichiba, Takadaya, Beck's Coffee and Nakau (oh, and one tiny noodle place). It's going to be a slog, my friends. But we will persevere because...well, there's nothing much better to do some days.

This was very ordinary Chinese food. I was mildly interested for a second when I realized that the chef dangling his cigarette over the wok, as well as the waitress, were Chinese. That soon faded when I received my boring ramen (noodles were nicely chewy, but soup was dull, pork was overcooked and tough, and menma were terrible; I didn't finish) and mini-mapo (finished it, but only barely). I used to think small, grungy places were exciting because dirty=tasty, but I've come around to thinking that it's a crap shoot just like any other genre. You've gotta look for diamonds, and this was not one of them. Cheap though.

Man, this report is a lot more complete than I feel compelled to be, and includes a picture of what I ate. If only I could read it...

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