Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gojusuzu, Monzennakacho (五十鈴)

Smarting from the poor picking I'd done on Izuro several minutes before and in need of something to redeem my honor (as well as better food), Gojusuzu seemed like a good pick. Again in the near southeast quadrant of Monnaka crossing, it had a pleasantly shabby outlook and a bunch of people inside.

No particular theme evident in the food; pickled mackerel was a bit on the chewy and mealy side, but was livened up with some bits of yuzu peel. Skate fin was nice - thick, sweet and chewy (this is pretty much how a dried skate fin should be in my book; you heat it up to soften it, then eat with mayonnaise. The sweetness probably comes from...ohhh, sugar, which I guess is used in the drying process?). The sake selection was sorta interesting - almost everything was from Yamagata, and a lot was junmai, so I was happy.

The odd thing was the service - just one woman doing everything, and not really delivering under the pressure but equally not very concerned about it. Everything came slowly and very much 'My Pace' as people like to say in Japan. So this place is a nice little diversion, but not one I would try to divert you to.

Really not a lot of info out there...

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