Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jumpee, Kanda

Before we get started, can I divert for an unrelated thing:
Stuff Parisians Like is a funny blog. It's openly ripped off from Stuff White People Like, but covers a group that I'm not part of and a place I'm interested in. OK, on to today's dining adventure.

Decayed and rotten fish is a great thing, wouldn't you agree? The best thing to do with it (and keep in mind that I haven't had that Icelandic specialty involving rotten shark) is to squeeze all the black juice out of it, mix it with lots of chili peppers and some lime juice, and then sprinkle it over your fried rice. The first bite always takes me back to the magical first morning I ever spent in Thailand, when I discovered that prik nam pla was a great way to start the day.

Jumpee is hiding itself away, but gets a few points for attempted authenticity - there's prik nam pla in pots on the table. There's also vinegar and crushed dry chili. Some wag among you may ask where the sugar is, but we'll let that slide. The sign and card describe this as 'Thai Fusion Cuisine', but I think they're just trying to capture customers who might otherwise be scared off - the menu stretches all the way from gaprao to pad thai. Perhaps the 'tom yum ramen' is their idea of fusion?

I liked it though! The chicken ga prao was pretty spicy, especially with the addition of a strategic dash or two of the aforementioned fish sauce. For Y850, it came with a little fried spring roll dumpling, a bowl of nice lemon-grassy soup, and a slice of orange that was delivered as "dessert desu". Other options included those above, and the ubiquitous colored curries. The only issue here is that it's wicked fah away from the office - all the way up past the Kanda shopping street and off to the West a bit. And a little hidden in a basement. But fairly worth the trip.


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