Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kimiyoshi, Monzennakacho (君代柴)

Hey, it's time to be rude again! Seems like only yesterday...

One time a few months ago, I worked up the courage to try this place in a back street of Monnaka. It's got a nice aspect from the outside - dark, traditional house, a bright sign with difficult-to-read print, no menu outside...The kind of place that you really hope is going to be a cool find, but you're not quite sure if it's open, or if it's expensive, or what's going to happen.

I stuck my head in. It was empty. And old. There was a counter with some banzai, and a case with a bunch of decent-looking fish. And a tiny old woman who stared at me. I said hi. She stared at me. I asked if I could get some food. She grunted. I looked around for a minute, thought better of it, and walked out.

Well, last night, it seemed like it was time to make good on this place. I stuck my head in. There were a bunch of salarymen drinking. There was an overpowering smell of moldy air conditioner. And there was the same woman. At the counter, the conversation went like this:
"What'll ya drink?"
"Just water, thanks."
"Water, thanks"
"We don't have water."
"OK, tea then."
"People come here to drink liquor."
"How about I leave?"

If you feel any love for me, stay the hell away from this place.

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