Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shigenoi, Tokyo (繁の井,東京駅キチンストリート)

Yup, the Delicious Link Group is getting all my lunch dollar$ this week. Straight up. Seriously, I think the whole basement of Tokyo Station's Kitchen Street is controlled by this same shadowy organization. Well, they've got a bit more style than many other restaurant groups, so I'll let them pass.

Shigenoi is a bait and switch. For real. It has a big menu board out front that appears to promise all manner of delights, but when you get in and sit down (and the fact that there are available seats is possible a clue, since things like the Korean and Okinawan were already full at 12) you'll realize that there are only 3 options. And one is sold out. And the other includes guts. So there you are, eating oyakodon. Just to round things out, the choices are oyakodon, oyakodon with added guts, or pheasant-don (limited to 30 per day and sold out by 12 today). So just the one choice, really.

Good, that's all the off tha hook grumpiness for today. This was a good oyakodon! The distinguishing feature to me (and Shaft, who mentioned it) was the fact that the chicken was charcoal-grilled before being added to the pan with the onions and scrambled egg. This made it taste like, well, charcoal-grilled chicken, but that's a lot better in my mind than the usual sauteed flavor that you get with oyakodon. I should, however, figure out how to order mine 'dry'. Most people find it desirable to have the top part of the 'omelette' raw, i.e. still slippery and jiggly. Most people here think raw eggs are great as well. While I recognize my minority status, I feel compelled to stand up for the Human Rights I learned about in training recently and ask for my eggs cooked through.

Come to think of it, I wish I had known about Human Rights when I was a kid and my grandmother would make Dad and I eggs for lunch. I always hated those runny eggs. Fo shizzle.

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