Friday, July 31, 2009

Bridd, Kanda (ブリッド)

This place was under renovation for a while, and opened several weeks back. It's pretty stylish, winey and Italian-looking (with a healthy side of roasted bird), which marks it as part of a new guard of Kanda places (c.f. Chailly, which, if truth be told, is the only other place I can think of in that category. No, I tell a lie, there's that Mieux Dominus place on the east side.). It also seems to be the I'd like to go for dinner (hint hint) and have been bummed that it's not open for lunch.

Well, it's open for lunch now! 鈴寺サン and I passed the front, deep in conversation. She was ranting, actually, but in a downright fascinating way, and I didn't want to distract, so we just ducked in and sat down. They had genuine food samples outside, none of that plastic stuff, so we could see what kinda grilled chicken, pasta, curry and salad we'd be getting.

I had curry rice with chicken meatballs, a really odd choice considering the three varieties of chicken balls I had last night. The curry was very light and pleasant, and the chicken balls were very good too; obviously not grilled, but soft and flavorful. 鈴寺 just picked at her grilled chicken with pasta, veg and salad (on one plate), with a side of rice and a side soup. It was sad to watch, but she was intent on conveying the full scope and force of her annoyance, and seriously, I enjoyed every minute. The soup does deserve special mention - chicken broth with a few shreds of super-thin soumen, and enough black pepper to stop a horse. It was surprisingly good.

It's looking a bit short today, but we had bigger things to discuss! Remember, next week starts the Kanda Special Feature, and with any luck will be Day 7 - 11 of consecutive Kanda lunch dining.

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