Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kappabashi 4: Buy a Japanese Knife

Or: How to Buy a Japanese Knife In Tokyo's Kappabashi Kitchen-ware Street.

1. Go to Kappabashi.
2. Go to Kama-Asa. It's on the west side of the street, just before the halfway mark at Kappabashi crossing (there's no sign other than the one on the traffic light). If you come the fun way, walking from Sensoji, you want to turn left just before you get to the temple proper, then keep walking, across the big street with all the restaurants, and through the small streets with not much, until you get to Kappbashi. You'll probably be on the street with Union and the other knife stores. Resist. Turn left on the Kappabashi street and start looking for Kama-Asa on the right.
3. Buy a knife. Watch out in particular for the different grades of steel, but mainly whether you want (rustable) carbon or stainless. Nice guys, great service, some English.
4. If you were smart and went on a Sunday, get them to engrave it. They'll pick out fun kanji for you, or you can get katakana. Oh, or if you're Japanese they'll just put your name on it. Bo----ring.

Sacre bleu, I just noticed that they have a branch store in Hiroo. It's three streets west of Gaien-Nishi, about two blocks south of Roppongi dori.

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