Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mia Bocca, Minami Sunamachi

Sometimes it's a hot summer day and you're sitting on the couch and you're sticking to it and all you can think is "Hey, it would be better to be at the mall than being here" and then you go to the mall. Since I finally started riding my bike again, I now know that in the last couple months a mid-size mall complex has opened a mere two stations away from me in Minami Sunamachi. This is a little slice of America, not even to be glancingly compared to LaLaPort in Toyosu, which is a full-size slice of America, or LaLaPort in Minami Funabashi, which is freakin' huge.

Walking around and shopping is bound to make you hungry. This being Japan, even among the 10 or so places on the food floor of this complex (outside the food court) you can find an Italian place with a real Italian oven. I've seen so many of these lately that I'm starting to think the Italians have set up a 'real brick oven' factory in Japan so all their customers can save on the shipping.

Mia Bocca was pleasant, in fact. The pizza special feature a small salad, a good size pie with Hokkaido bacon and broccolis, and a drink of choice. The pizza was quite professionally done for a Y1000 mall place. Additionally, some cheese-filled fried arancini didn't go amiss; how can deep-fried cheese go amiss, even if it's wrapped in a rice ball?

Really, good enough for government work. This was better than I expected.

The company has a variety of different 'Mias' in various configurations. I'm not gonna seek 'em out or nothin', but I'm just sayin'.

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