Sunday, July 26, 2009

Momi & Toy's, Minami Sunamachi

As usual for any mall trip (all three I've had in Japan!), lunch is inevitably followed by dessert. Options are pretty sparse at Sunamo, but crepe-and-bubble-tea place Momi & Toy's had the advantages of being cute and having no line, as opposed to its competitor across the food court, the aptly named "8 Days a Sweet" (not sure how that's apt, but it was nice to write).

The crepe here was decent once you go beyond the overstuffed, over-sweetened top inch or 2 (all cream and no crepe makes Momi a dull Toy). The flavor was also amusingly named Caramel Macchiato - キャラメル巻あと, haha. The bubble tea was an unmitigated disappointment - water, and not even attempting to fill the cup.

This is why there's a line at the other place.

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