Friday, July 10, 2009

Yong Jiang, Nihonbashi (甬江)

Nothing like a quick Chinese dinner on the way home. You know I'm not generally in favor of Chinese dinners, but I'm certainly in favor of broadened horizons. This place is on the 4th floor of Coredo, near Da Cibo and Quatorieme.

It's a Big Menu place - folds out to 6 pages, organized into the Chinese food groups. I was able to sample a nice sort of clay-pot chicken noodle soup as well as bok choi in cream sauce (which I just ordered because it sounded weird. I'll never learn...). The chicken soup was really excellent. Really. The noodles were flavorful but overcooked (by my standards at least. They were softer than I'd make pasta or than I'd like to eat ramen), but the soup itself was really terrific. For me it was one of those "10 chickens are condensed into this one pot" sort of experiences, with really rich flavor and an almost gelatinous texture that must have come from cooking the heck out of some chicken bones. On the other hand, the color was very yellow, and it was quite clear, so I cynically suspected that there could have been chemical trickery afoot. Still, I could eat it again and again. I'd be willing to go back here, especially with a group, to see what they can really do.

Same group as The Orchid (which I also remember fondly even though it was many moons ago I went there).

Sorry, I'm afraid you've got the Yong Jiang there. Please try again.

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