Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gyosai Tozai, Kanda (魚采東西)

After a brief respite, Kanda lunches resumed today with this recommendation from Waka-pon, herself resuming in the office after a short trip to the country. I do love it when people recommend places, especially when they're new to me, and even more when they help to fill in areas on the map that are somewhat lacking in pins.

Incidentally, I'd like to point out to everyone that you can zoom in on the map so that the pins look less dense. Or zoom out. It's set up so you can use the mouse wheel to do that in addition to the little +/- buttons. Or you can roll your mouse over the Internet Hyperlink above the map titled "View the Full Screen Map" and left-click to make your Internet Browser open an embiggened version of the map. It's easy and fun to use!

Was there a lunch amid all this snidity?

Gyosai has a limited number of lunch sets, but the offer good value and variety. The Daily Lunch feature grilled salmon, a small plate of nimono in soup (chicken, carrot, chikuwa, konnyaku), some pickles, soup and rice. The Hamburger set, believe it or not, also included a fried shrimp and a small piece of fried white fish, in addition to cabbage, soup, rice, etc. This is salaryman dining at its finest.

Being underground, poorly lit and cool, with an odd jail-like ambience coming from the black-vertical-slats decor, it's not the most welcoming of destinations. That probably explains one of the best features - lots of empty tables! The food was better than the emptiness would indicate, so this is an OK place to go, especially when you can't venture farther into the exciting delights of Kanda.

Ehh, it's a lunch.

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