Monday, August 31, 2009

We like Europe, Europe

A lot of food has already passed the above-mentioned lips and gums. Some high points as follows:

- I like it how you can buy a croissant in the touristy heart of Montmarte from a sidewalk place that dispenses coffee from an automatic machine into plastic cups, and said croissant will still be impossibly flaky, light and buttery compared to anything else you've had this year. And I feel better that a lot of the tourists are also French.
- I like Denise Acabo's world-famous chocolate shop l'Etoile d'Or and its selection of otherwise impossible to find chocolates from reclusive manufactures like Lyon's Bernachon and Normandy's Le Roux. And I especially like how the shop girl doesnt speak English, but IS Japanese, so there's no communication barrier.
- I like Le Cinq, the grand restaurant of the George Cinq Hotel, and its life-size portraits, gilded fixtures, extravagant flower arrangements. I'm less enamored of the slightly sloppy execution of the very technical dishes, but it was still a great, great lunch.
- I like how Laduree has elegant boutiques with heaps of mmacarons inside the gate area at Charles de Gaulle.

I like how I was only in Paris for 14 hours too, including immigration, baggage and taxi both ways plus a nap.

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  1. And we here in the US like how you have taken the time to share your likes - chocolate and macaroons!! Yummy!! Can't wait for the extended reviews and pictures when you get back to Japan (no rush though!!)