Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brasserie Ginza Lion, Otemachi

I know exactly what you're thinking, so let me just deal with the issue now. You're thinking "Wait, didn't you already go to the Ginza Lion in the Otemachi Building basement on January 15th of this year?" Well, yes, but that doesn't make this a repeat. They have two excitingly different locations for your dining pleasure in that basement alone!

The other one is curry-themed - it's basically a counter place where you can choose how you want your curry from a few mix-and-match options. This is a more full-service place. If the menu is to be trusted, they specialize in beef tongue stew (that's what's on the front of the menu at the moment). As it was, I had been in the mood for a curry omelette and thus ended up with Fuwa-Fuwa Om-Hayashi Rice. Mmmm-hmmmmm.

In deference to Sherri (thanks for reading!), let me just explain that. The fuwas indicate that it's 'light and fluffy', like a pillow. The Om is short for omelette, which you'll find artfully draped over the mound of rice, and the Hayashi indicates that the rice comes with a demiglace-like brown sauce, including some beef, all around it. Koala tells me that hayashi rice was maybe invented by the founder of the Maruzen bookstore chain; at least that's what they say in their cafe (which I still haven't been to). I'll report back.

This Lion is open for the duration - lunch straight through to late - which makes it handy. The decor is like other Lions - a lite version of a German beer hall. It's a little sad, and a little smoky in atmosphere even if you sit in the non-smoking section. But not a bad curry.

Eat the tongue, hear the roar.

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