Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hawaiian Tropic Zone, New York

After the quick solitary dinner at The Modern, it was time to meet Wolf, who was finishing his busy 'work' day (he now lives in New York, in case you remember the name and have noticed his absence for the past couple months). We started at Columbus Circle and walked a lot, finally getting tired of not finding the perfect place and stopping instead in a distinctly imperfect one in Times Square...

The Hawaiian Tropic Zone! It's kinda like Trader Vic's, only less classy. haha. Think faux-Hawaiian decor and waitresses in bikini tops and sarongs. Perhaps 'an upscale Hooters' would be a better description? Anyway, it was certainly a place to sit and talk as opposed to walk and talk.

There was a jazz 3-piece (guitar, bass and drums) that was nice to listen to; they played some minor classics (Lee Morgan) and also some things with a more funky rock feel.

Wolf's face has been obscured to protect his innoscents in this difficult job market.

You can call this a Dark & Stormy if you want since the picture is weak. I can't remember what it was (though definitely not a D&S), but this is really an atmosphere place. The drinks aren't too expensive considering that it's New York and Times Square, it's not too noisy, and it's not crowded. It could be perfect your next low-key, all-male event!

Lemme help you with that lotion!

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