Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kassen Ichiba, Otemachi

I know what you're thinking - you already went to a Kassen Ichiba in Otemachi under the tracks, on [ ], with Volleyball. You're so right. But they've closed that branch, and anyway they always had this other one. The food was distressingly similar. They offer two basic things - raw fish or fried goods. Having had the raw fish on the prior visit (cheap, acceptable for the price) I went The Way of the Fry this time. My Mixed Fry set was OK (mackerel, crab croquette, tiny pork cutlet); the frying was decent quality even though the ingredients were a bit mediocre. I thought it was weird in a fry-focused restaurant that I had to ask for Sauce (capital s), and also that the rice was served in a plastic bowl tightly wrapped with plastic film. I'm thinking they cook, portion out, then microwave before serving. I also figured out what the tea is - previously I thought it was dirty water, but now I know that it's cold weak green tea. Ah well. It's cheap.

Well, that was boring - but thankfully short!

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