Monday, October 5, 2009

Otemachi Chubo, Otemachi (大手町厨房)

Late lunch filled me with desire to eat a big plate of pasta as well as a yen to knock off some more places in the neighboring Otemachi Building. It was close to 2:30 by the time I got down to the basement (these meetings get longer every week), and a lot of places were closed. Chubo was open but with limited options; for example they were already out of the day's special doria (which, for NJ readers, is rice, topped with white sauce mixed with something, maybe seafood, and then broiled (UK: grilled) so it gets bubbly and a bit brown). But they still had the daily pasta.

This was a very Japanese pasta, with little slices of Japanese sausage (which bear an unfortunate resemblance to hot dogs), a cold soft-boiled egg, and bacon. Mix it all up and eat, pretty satisfying. One thing that really endeared this place to me was that they had a juice glass full of grated parmesan cheese on every table. Mine wasn't full by the time I got done.

Lunch comes with a piece of focaccia and a beverage of choice. Free supersizing.
Open all day, for what it's worth!

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