Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vin Rouge Vin Blanc, Marunouchi

Based on the plastic-impregnated green paper tablecloths and the yoshoku-ish menu, I expected this to be another box ticked on Shin Maru's 5th floor (and that decor is a bit declasse for the location, although the prices aren't). It was a bit better than that, with some nice simulacra of foreign foods falling comfortably under the Yoshoku header.

To wit: Koala had the Famous Dry Curry. This was a thick, meaty, not-exactly dry but spicy in a good way pile of stuff on top of rice and supporting a crown of crisp-fried onion bits (I love it when I get to use words like 'crown'. It's so...obstetric.). It was worthwhile. I had the Milano-fuu Veal Cutlet, which to my mind was fairly Vienna in style (I don't really know the difference; I thought Milanese cutlets were supposed to be breaded and fried on-the-bone.). And was good! It was supported (I love it when I get to use words like 'supported'. It's so...architectural.) by a pile of fried potatoes and onions which were also greasy and good, and napped (I love it when I get to use words like 'napped'. It's so...sleepy.) by a pool of wine-dark demiglace sauce (ooh, ooh, that was so...Homeric!). Not Milanese, not Viennese, but all Japanese! I think I've digressed into preening over my own cleverness, so howzabout we just cut it there, 'k?

Yo MTV shokus.

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