Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Burian, Otemachi

In a weird way, I can actually recommend this place. The plates of food are positively American-sized, and based on today's experience they don't taste bad either. So for volume and variety, this isn't a bad choice. Of course there are many things you might prioritize above those factors, which is why I can only recommend it in a weird way.

So after failing to find a curry place yesterday, I really wanted to have it today. Or pasta. It's still raining and gray here, so something comforting is indicated. Burian is one of the untried places in the basement of the Otemachi Building (next to Sankei, the long thin one) and as such isn't very promising, but it has to be done...only a few more weeks left.

The menu is straight-up yoshoku, so you can get hamburger steak, a little pasta, deep fried croquettes and the like. I had the house special, "Turkish Rice" (seriously, ツルコライス), which has the following Turkish touches: a big pork cutlet, deep fried, on top of an island of rice, smothered with sauteed mushrooms and onions, drenched with a brown sauce derived from beef consomme and tomato soup. The whole thing came on an enormous plate - the actual food was about 14 inches according to my trusty pocket slide rule. It wasn't bad; the sauce, of course, was a bit cloying and unnatural, and the tonkatsu wasn't much to write about. But it sure was big, and inoffensive-tasting.

If you go, you might want to try one of the mixed sets instead. Anyway, you'll leave full (unless you don't eat). For dinner, you may have guessed this but I didn't until I looked at the web site (hard to find, off of the main New Tokyo group site, which this is part of) - the 'buri' is like 'aburi', so at night it's a grilling specialist.

Chain food at its finest.

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