Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cafe Mobo Moga, Shibuya

What the heck is a Mobo Moga? All African tribal jokes aside, this is a pleasant place to drink and dine. It was just late-afternoon snacks for us, which is not its best use. This dark stairway is also not its best side...but at least it gets you prepared for the dark, rustic woodiness that permeates the whole place, along with smoke.

Again, dark and woody. With picnic tables. And Christmas lights (fairy lights, if you like). But very pleasant, in a relaxed, Shibuya-slacker sort of way. It could help you feel young.

It's a sign of Tokyo life that even a window view like this is somewhat coveted. I was very happy to get one of the three window tables (albeit the one where I was wedged into the narrow triangular corner of the room) even though this was all the view it afforded. I suppose the interest could be said to come from passersby, since it certainly doesn't come from scenic beauty.

Almond au Lait was like a big warm almond-flavored milk, maybe with some coffee drowning at the bottom. It was sticky sweet and comforting, but no match for...

...the behemoth American Sunday [sic]. Precariously but charmingly balanced in a Pyrex measuring cup (and not a small one), featuring layers of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate cream, creamed cream, granola, caramel and cream, and a cherry on top, it was...well, you can see the picture. Oog.
Other stuff on the menu seemed to be basically pasta or Japanese-Mexican food. Prices on things like this are always higher in Tokyo than I expect them to be. This may be compensation for the fact that people tend to order one and then sit for hours, studying for college or whatnot.

Never on Sunday's


  1. Mobo Moga is an abbreviation for "modern boy modern girl," a phenomenon during 1920s Japan. Do some research, please.

  2. Most of my research is into the effects of polymerase on W-C hydrogen bonding. I don't have time for these 'cultural' trivialities.