Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hanezushi, Kanda (羽ずし)

Marketing themselves as a 'sushi izakaya', this place may meld the best of several money-making worlds. By limiting counter space (to about 4 seats) and focusing on tables (with about 150 seats), they can streamline production (I think the fish was pre-sliced), accept larger groups, and build a more festive (drunk) atmosphere. Good call, I say.

For lunch, it was pretty OK. I had the 10-piece set, Y800, and while some things like the salmon and toro showed obvious dryness from being sliced earlier, other things like the squid, buri and egg were pretty nice. The soup had clams in it, always a good thing on an overcast day that's threatening to rain and destroy your already precarious mood!

Light as a fezza

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