Friday, November 20, 2009

Kimuraya, Tokyo

Tokyo Station truly contains a wealth of options. I used to think it was oddly barren, but as I've come to understand it better, all I can think now is that I don't know how I was missing everything before.

One recent area I've been browsing is 'Number One Street', a long corridor in the basement on the Yaesu side. It runs almost the whole length of the station north-south, and is packed solid with shops. It's not exclusively restaurants - there's a Relakkuma shop, some luggage, some other souvenirs...normal station stuff.

Kimuraya, despite sharing a name with the famous red bean bread bakery, is a deli. In Japan that tends to mean it sort of indeterminately German-Italian, but it's rare enough that it's a nice novelty in any case. They have panini, roasted meats, pastas, salads, etc. I got the mixed deli plate (Y1200), which had roast ham, a cold vinegared shellfish salad, some tomato-stewed vegetables, a side salad, bread and soup. Not exactly what you'd call a deli in America, but satisfying nonetheless.

Perhaps it's the same as the Ginza baker; they certainly have a restaurant in Ginza as well.

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