Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shunsaian, Otemachi (旬采庵)

While this was a truly dull lunch food-wise, I can think of a few positive things to say about this place:
- It's cheap. I mean, $7 lunch sets cheap.
- It's pretty cool that it's mainly private rooms, so you can sit in horikotatsu and mellow out on your lunch hour.
- The rice was very good if a little soft. I think I was lucky to get there right when a fresh batch finished cooking.

All of this doth not add up to an exhortation for you to visit, squire. At least I got to chow with the McNoonans; a real novelty for lunch.

Oooh, this is from NBK, the same geniuses who bring you brands like Ninja (Dom's favorite), Lockup and Arabian Rock!

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