Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tatsutano, Otemachi (立田野)

Man, I've been thinking of going to this place for weeks now and it turned out to be lame. Actually that's not true - the food was every bit as lame as expected, while the retro atmosphere was about as cool as expected (marginally). That leaves us right around expectations, and strangely unfulfilled.

The attraction here, frankly, was the chairs. They're lime green pleather and steel tubing. That's kind cool, isn't it? The food is split into two classes, and after a big night of chicken-ing last night, I followed my better judgement and went with the food class (rather than the extensive Japanese Sweets class - lots of shiratama, anmitsu, azuki and the like). This meant that I got to choose from the limited menu of tanuki don (fried tofu on rice), sansai gohan (mountain vegetables on rice), sekigohan (the rice with red beans) and a few others. Curry was absent, and again I tamed my wild heart by not having fried pork yet again this week...

The food came distressingly fast, which meant that the side dishes were pre-prepped and the mountain vegetables were just spooned onto the rice. Which wasn't even hot. Oh well. The soup was OK, the pickled cabbage was decent, and the boiled vegetables were actually quite good - a sweet piece of carrot that I liked so much it must have had lots of sugar in it, a tender potato, and a green pea pod.

I could see going back here to while away an afternoon eating Japanese-style sweets in retro chairs on linoleum-esque floors. There are worse things (like work).

But Ricky...

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