Monday, November 16, 2009

Toki Ramen, Kanda (斗樹)

Hey, I'm feeling kinda sick today, so let me keep this to a minimum, OK?

My project to enjoy tsukemen continues (there was the shared snack bowl yesterday that didn't even make it to a post, but should have) with a Kanda location that's right next to Y's Ramen. Judging by the t-shirt of the chef, which said "owner" on the back, I'd say it's a one off, and I'd also say I liked its rustic, Japanese-ski-lodge atmosphere. Almost a mountain soba shop decoration scheme.

The specialty item on the menu is tsukemen (but they have ramen options too). It's really interesting - based on pork bones, but light, somewhat sweet, and very spicy. It really tasted Thai to me, but the chef was amused when I asked if there was coriander in it. The web site says their soup is a blend of two, one that's simmered for 20 hours and another that's done for 7 hours. You have to love dedication like that, no?

The noodles were soft and kinda watery, but the soup made it all happen for me, and that puts this in a higher class of ramen. You might prefer to try the regular ramen if you visit, but the very thin, rolled chashu slices weren't much to my liking either. Good soup!


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