Monday, December 14, 2009

Amenbo, Ogikubo (あ麺ぼ)

Well, the first review on Tabelog pretty much nails this place with the description 'Tons of fish, cheap'. We just stopped in Ogikubo on the way home from Takao san as a way to kill some time before meeting others for dinner. It's not as much fun as Sancha, let alone Shimokita or Kichijoji, so you didn't miss anything.

Normal sorta izakaya inside (which is exactly what you'd expect from the outside, and is why I didn't want to go in, but we got turned down by a cool-looking kappou because it was barely 5 o'clock). Fortunately they gave us the 'reserved' table in the corner, which let us take out shoes off and relax a bit.

Tooshi of bamboo shoots, peppers, shaved fish, etc.

Vinegared crab salad.

Fried squid legs, nowhere near as the ones at Hanabishi.

And ze piece de resistance, a massive fish platter for Y1200. Good lord is that cheap. I had to confirm with the waitress when she brought it - 'Is that really the 2 person size?!' but it was. Decent quality on some things, but the salmon was still a bit frozen, etc.

The fish was fresh, obviously, just not that high-quality for a number of the varieties.
There you go, they call themselves a 'seafood izakaya'. Amen to that!

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