Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coca Restaurant, Yurakucho

After all that speechifying last week about the last work day of the year and the relative freedom to go anywhere for lunch, the first day of vacation naturally brought with it a trip to a new restaurant. This Coca is a branch of a bigger one right by Bic Camera that specializes in Thai Suki, the donut-shaped hotpot thing that always looks good but never gets my business. Why is that? New New Year's resolution - eat more ethnic food!

Coca is under the 'guard rail' on the west side of Hibiya, a bit south of Bic Camera. They've carved out as much space as possible, letting the ceiling go all the way up to the vaulted arch under the tracks. Pretty much everyone was already on vacation by the 30th, so it was quiet the whole time we were there.

Lunch sets, like this pork gaprao, are Y900. It came with a little soup in addition to what you see pictured. The meat tasted odd, but not in a bad way, and it was sure spicy enough. I liked how the egg had been fried; somehow it was more appetizing than the usual way these are done and left for hours.

This soup was evidently pretty good. It's your normal mild Thai meat-noodles-fish balls-herbs sorta concoction, not anything spicy or sour. It came with a salad. I see on the web that the chef at this branch is Chef Putt, which I wanted to mention. Thank you for your time.

Early one morning, while making the rounds, I took a shot of Coca...

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