Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Times China Express, Otemachi

Dyn-O-Mite!!! is not something you're going to hear said frequently around Good Times.

Part of that's because it's in Otemachi, and there's not a lot of English spoken there (especially by black people!).

Another part of that is on account of the food is naff. I had one of those periodic cravings for ankake noodles, which is what you call it when you fry up a bunch of cabbage and other vegetables with some seafood and a little pork, mix it with thick, clear sauce, and pour over noodles.

These were so bland that I messed up my stomach drowning them in vinegar and Chinese mustard.

One good thing that will help keep you away from this place - it's inside the ticket gates. I happened to be in there for a special work project involving trains. f you wanted to go, you'd have to pay an extra Y130 for a platform ticket (which is pretty rich when you consider that for only another Y30 you can actually ride a train for a mile).

Does she really believe all that stuff? And why does is this picture ranked so high on the Google for Jimmie Walker?


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