Friday, December 18, 2009

Gustoso, Ginza

I've always had a fear of the mid-priced places on the main streets of Ginza, the ones with the big, colorful signs at street level. That's why I never went to one until now - I expected them to be adequate but dull and overpriced for the quality level. Now I've been to one, but Gustoso was more in the line of confirming my suspicions. I like the fact that they have cheaper wine options, and all the pasta varieties are store-made. But the affordable wine is from Chile (not a bad thing, just a disappointment since their markup must have been all the healthier), and if you're going to make fresh pasta, why not take the extra time to cook it properly, not leave crunchy bits around the edges?

On the bright side, the prices were pretty good, and the staff were nice.

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