Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jangara Ramen, Kanda

Would you believe that this was the first time I'd been to an outlet of the famed Kyushu ramen chain Jangara? It's famed for having really strong, porky soup. In fact, I didn't think the soup was that strong. Or that good. I had the one advertised with green on the soup-types board (it said jou-hin, so I figured it must be good) and it seemed more like a gentle chicken-based soup, honestly.

The noodles were very thin and soft; make sure to order them harder if you go (atame or bari-kata). ow that I think about it, they served us noodles that were already in the water when we got there - took them out and plated the soup for us. What's up with that? I feel cheated now.

The toppings were heavily porky - two decent-sized pieces of pork kakuni that were too fatty for me and two slices of chashu that were OK. I had an egg too, to complete the cholesterol intake, and it was highly overdone.

People love this place. I'd like to understand why they wait in lines for it, but I'm not going to try too soon.

Especially this branch.

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