Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kurochobei, Akihabara (黒長兵衛)

Yes, there's nothing like a completely terrible burger in a maid cafe to give you an appetite for steak. Continuing the day's Akiba tour, we ended up back at the big Yodobashi and wandered around the food floor before settling on this steak place (lunch only; at night, decent-looking chain izakaya). I must say, it was fairly pleasant, and you know I don't offer such excessive praise lightly. The inside has a tabled area and also a tatamied area, wherein we sat at the counter. It's decorated in a 'farmhouse' sorta style, and is already a bit beaten-looking. I admit I was somewhat horrified to see the staff walking on the tiles in the table area (a shoes-on locale) wearing only the socks that they were wearing on the tatami. I think they saw that and put some slippers on out of guilt.

Y1500 steak set included various bits and bobs, with your choice of onion sauce or regular soy sauce. The onion sauce (in the ramekin up front) was good, as was the kinpira thing in back, as was the steak (relatively).

Steakishness. The potatoes were not good. This being the second restaurant I've been to on this floor, I'd have to say "I'd go back to Kanda Grill before coming here again."

Good lord, it's Kiwa Corp again! They're unstoppable. Should have known from the atmosphere.

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