Sunday, December 13, 2009

Misuji Ramen, Monzennakacho

Nights in Shinjuku require mornings of recovery and lunches of ramen...

Misuji  opened recently, more or less right across from the shrine entrance on Eitai Dori, the spiritual heart of Monzennakacho. This is where the lamb specialist used to be; I guess we all know how that worked out.

Normal miso ramen. They do chicken or fish soups; this one is chicken. It was light and fresh-tasting. That doesn't feel like an adequate description, but my ramen vocabulary is quite wanting. Recent efforts have gotten me to the point where I think I kinda understand pork soups, but nothing like this. The noodles were fresh, but a bit big and soft for my tastes. The chashu was a weird cut that was almost all fat, and cooked in a way that left it soft and spongy, almost looking like tripe in places. Weird. Not bad though.

Jake had these yakisoba. Who would have thought that you can get yakisoba at Costco in America? You go home and fry 'em up with whatever you want. He liked the simple, salty taste of these and the fresh vegetables. I found them a little oily, but they're certainly a good-looking option to bowls of meat soup with added meat.

Fresh and nice, at least. And cheap. And I liked the staff.

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