Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nocchi, Kanda

[This place has been closed for a while, but there wasn't any reason to go in the first place. As of Feb '11, the new noodle shop in their space is pretty good.]

The one thing that comes through as a consistent theme to me after nearly 12 months of visiting a different restaurant near the office every weekday is as follows: There are a HELL of a lot of places I haven't tried. I was feeling slightly tapped out last week, then took Monday and Tuesday off and have come back realizing that there are dozens of new places. Shin Maru's 7th floor has interesting options left, and today's walk around Kanda was almost depressing, so many new places were there. Let me quit this line of typing,

and get on to saying that this was a pretty good bowl of noodles. If I read the blurb correctly, it's an offshoot of a Nagoya store that specializes in Taiwan-style noodles. This means that they use a wok to fry up a lot of cabbage, bean sprouts and thin-sliced pork belly, then add that to noodles and cover the whole thing with soup. Nice idea! Never having been to Taiwan, I thought this was a typical Japanese fusion concept until I read that.

The noodles were very good - thin, curly, firm, eggy. The soup was spicy and well rounded. The vegetables were copious (I ordered the negi and mizuna toppings along with an onsen egg, which in fact pushed things into the realms of too-copious. I think there was an entire small negi on my soup. Health!). I was damn full.

This is worth at least one visit if you happen to work, for example, in a law office practically across the street.

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