Monday, December 21, 2009

RC Tavern, Tokyo

My locational skills are a bit off. I always assumed Tokyo Station was in Tokyo, but this place is practically in the station, and its address is Marunouchi. Ah well. If I say 'Tokyo', I think you know I mean 'really close to the station'. That's why we're friends, right?

The RC stands for Rose and Crown, a Tokyo chain of English-style pubs much like Hub - just a decent, smoky place to have a pint (although I think R&C has more food and a bit more attention to atmosphere, with flocked wallpaper and weekend roasts to woo Englishmen). Why this is a 'tavern' escapes me (as does its location, 1 minute's walk from the Yaesu branch of R&C), but it's a bit more modern and spare than I expect from a chain like this. It was also really smoky at lunch; seemed like it was a popular destination for those activities, and I was the only person not indulging.

The lunch menu is basic and yoshoku-y - 'rice plate' (curry), 'meat plate' (chicken cutlet) and the like. I had the chicken cutlet, which was as big as advertised (a whole breast, butterflied and fried, I think, but it could have been two breasts together if they were small - either way, nearly too much chicken). The sauce was thick and rich, it came with rice to help you fill up (oog), and there was a choice of beverage after. Pleasantly, there was also a 'salad plate' included (they do like using plates, don't they?), and this had some lettuce and a scoop of mixed curried beans. Nice.

Anyhoo, no particular reason to go here, just pleasant (and you should note its presence for an after-work pint if needed).

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