Friday, December 4, 2009

Sakura (The Prince), Hakone

Well, as I always say, when life gives you lemons, write an extended blog rhapsody about the simple, pure life you're living in Tuscany and how essential a simple squeeze of lemon juice is to your everday enjoyment of the finer foods in life. Is the sarcasm coming across? I had to go away for work on Friday and half of Saturday, so I'll just include a short and jokey post on the restaurant at the hotel where we stayed - The Prince Hotel in Hakone. Sakura is the main restaurant, with the lunch buffet.

First, let me point out that the weather was incredible, and the view across the lake from the lawn outside the restaurant was spectacular.

There was this big white mountain, it was cool looking.


I was confused by these pairs of horses hanging from the ceiling in the restaurant, 6 or 8 pairs of them. After a while I realized that they were the extent of the festive holiday decorations.

This pasta looks completely normal, but it was actually mixed in a hollowed wheel of parmesan. Since it tasted completely normal, I can only conclude that this was a fabulous waste of parmesan.

Honestly, the buffet wasn't bad, as these things go. I could happily eat lunch here any time. Sorry I didn't take more pictures, but taking photos of buffet food when with work colleagues seems a little weird, doesn't it?

I note that this is the flagship hotel of the Prince Hotels Group. It was actually pretty nice - better than I expected.

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