Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tacos del Amigo, Harajuku

Ole! Oye como va! I've exhausted my Spanish!

Obviously Eating Out In Tokyo With Jake was a series of loosely-connected visits to strange choices of eating and drinking establishments...Venturing into this Mexican place on the Omotesando side of Harajuku was just the earliest in the succession, before we went down to Shibuya for a look around. Limited food was consumed, but we did enjoy sitting under this festive mural, with its accompanying festive liquor bottles, and drinking beer. The waiter was wearing a T-shirt that said 'Nothing could be finer than to wake up with a shiner!' and enjoyed exchanging broken bits of Spanish with us.

Seemed like they made the chips in the store. The guac was pretty good. The salsa, not so much. We had one or two other food items and they were passable. I'm not sure if this could top Fonda for Japanese Mexican, but it:s also cheaper and more conveniently-located. And no table charge for drinking a little beer and eating some chips.

I liked it!

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