Sunday, December 6, 2009

Waffle Cafe Y, Asakusa

Waffles and wine, wine and waffles. Sign of the times - by day we serve waffles, at night we convert to a Spanish restaurant. Y has the advantage of being one of only a few restaurants just off the Kappabashi restaurant-supply strip, in addition to the obvious advantages of being new (18 months), pleasant and affordable.

Simple, modern decor that looks more like 'waffle shop' than 'Spain bar' to me, but you'd have to go back at night to check it out. There are only 4 or 5 tables, one of which is the island at left of the picture with a pillar in the middle - OK for solitary diners like me. Confusing the waffle decor, they DO have things like Spanish-language newspapers and posters on the walls as well as a healthy selection of empty bottles on the island for you to look at while eating.

Can't remember exactly how much lunch was, but I want to say Y750 for the 'waffle sando' set - small salad, small soup, sando, small dessert. I was pretty surprised at that.

Here's the main attraction - two waffles with a big filet of breaded fish in the middle. Looks kinda like omelettttte, but in fact thars fish in there. I never had a waffle sandwich before, and pretty much had to try this place just to see if there was any point to that particular, odd combination of food groups. There's nothing unpleasant about it, but I think I prefer waffles in their pure form, topped with sweet a gooey treats rather than fish.


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