Monday, January 25, 2010

Atami Ramen, Kanda (あたみ)

This is one of the higher-rated places for ramen in Kanda (Tabelog-wise; I accept your criticism that Tabelog is more of an authority on the high end and in particular foreign food). As such, I've been meaning to go there for a while. Every time I wondered by [sic], I was overcome by an overwhelming sense of ehhh and didn't get past the door. Today I went to Kanda specifically to go there, so I just powered in without thinking about it. Sat, ordered, ate, ehhhh.

Notable mainly for its boringosity, this was one of the worst ramens I've had in ages. Not that there was anything actively bad about it, just that every element was passive. It violated my ramen formulation theory, the one that postulates that every ramen shop has at least one great element to its product. The soup was particularly flat and uninteresting, except that for some reason it reminded me of breadcrumbs. The noodles were mild-flavored and overcooked. There was an egg, and it hovered on the edge of good, but the yolk had gone chalky around the edges. The pork was decent - very soft, but strong tasting in a disagreeable way. Perhaps the best thing was the cabbage, which was pre-cooked and added on top in response to my order of vegetable ramen. When cabbage is the best thing about a bowl of noodles, there's a larger problem.

I present the above mainly in the interests of me working out what I thought about the food, and to give you an extended treatment of the simple phrase "Don't bother."


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