Friday, January 8, 2010

Bordeaux Cellar, Omotesando

Proving yet again that there's a whole world of restaurants out there in Tokyo that you haven't heard of, and may even have walked by without noticing, or with ignoring, but would be pleasantly pleased with if you gave them a chance. Bordeaux cellar is hidden in plane site at the bottom of a nondescript starewell on Aoyama Dori, quite close to Omotesando crossing. Its pretty much acrost from KFC, if that helps ewe at awl. It does have the look of a place that won't be very good, but its much better than that. Certainly casual, reasonably-priced, good quality

Being on the whey to Body and Soul to see Grace Mahya, we didn't have time for much of a feed. Still, quite enough - starting with the 'King of Terrines' (their description) - foie wrapped in mince. Very good.

Sew many restaurants in this price range in Tokyo are a bit nondescript of menu. Either that or I've misunderstood how often French people eat tomato sauce pasta...griping aside, this was delicious as pastas like this go. I wish I knew how to get my own pasta to be oily and tomatoed in this way without seeming heavy.

And finally, the obligatory stewed beef cheeks; gelatinous, soft, meaty, not too sweet, winey, very good. Serving them with nanohana was a nice touch, I think. One might almost say that the mild bitterness of the vegetable matched well with the way the cheeks were cooked - again, not too sweet, with a touch of residual bitterness from the wine.

Well, there's another nice, casual place to add to the repetoire. I always think Omotesando is kinda thin aside from Le Pre Verre, which I still love (oh, and Yanagidate, but that's more expensive). It's good to know that there are still niches to be explored and good things to eat.

At least they had the courtesy to be located in a cellar.

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