Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ciappucino, Yoyogi

A funny little place that looks like a bistro but in fact specializes in...tea and pancakes. Like 20 varieties of tea, which you can get all afternoon as a set with a cupcake, and a large number of pancake varieties, for example the daily special of Caprese - pancakes with mozarella, basil and tomato. Ooooo-kei. Could be good, but we stuck with tea, conversation and reading. Has more food, a cheap wine selection, and well-stocked bar at night (but still never seats more than 20).

Branches in Ginza (3-2-1, for my reference), Shibuya Tokyu Plaza, Osaka and Hiroshima. These small chains sure do get around, don't they?

Cioppino? Chop suey? Chopalottapotamus?

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