Friday, January 29, 2010

Henry Good Seven, Marunouchi

What does the name mean? It sounds like rhyming slang for something, Fanny Adams and all that. Is it cryptic just for the sake of crypticosity? That reminds me, I saw one of the most fabulous Engrish garments ever on the train this morning, but failed to take a picture. If I had, that would at least be something to liven up this post. Proceed at your own risk.

HG7 is on the 7th floor of Shin Maru, and as such fits in with the comfy cafe lounge theme common up there. Along with So Tired, HG7 inhabits the south side of the floor and uses a multi-level, multi-format space with interesting design touches to make things interesting and atmospheric. Interesting, that is, unless the only open seats are at the benches facing the bar, behind which you will be mightily challenged to fit your legs if you're over 180 cm. You (his name) and I agreed that we felt a bit like we were in a pub, in the Japanese sense, because of all the comings and goings of service staff right in front of us. The coffee machine deserves a special mention - it's of the 3-feet-tall-and-gold-with-an-eagle-on-top variety. I was disappointed to see such a lovely device abused; when they made the espresso for our coffee, water was spurting out of the handle and excess coffee flying from the spout to the floor.

The food is sort of decent-quality standards, but not of any genre. That means You had a hambagu, topped with chopped tomatoes and sided with lettuce, and I had 'breakfast at lunch'. If your school cafeteria was anything like mine, you had those days when lunch would be eggs, bacon, pancakes and such...fortunately I had packed lunches in those days and didn't have to eat them. Now I find I'm not averse to the concept once in a great while (like at the late, lamented Harrod's in Roppongi Hillz), and today the French Toast with bacon and sausage just called me. It was weird but good (like the bacon almost seemed like a pressed bacon product instead of bacon; the edges were sorta round). A further benefit was that it alleviated the idea that had been building in my mind this week "make french toast this weekend jon". Better just to eat some genmai or fruit and go about your business.

HG7 is a fine option for lunch, as are all the other places on SM7, and an even better one if you're up late in Marunouchi and need someplace to go.

JJ Cale and Elmore James got nothing on this.

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