Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kisaku, Kanda (吉作)

Still plenty of things hiding in plain sight in Kanda...this place is across the street from the chirashidon place of 2 weeks ago; somehow I never looked at it before. They have half a dozen lunch sets, all of which are normal and yet diverse. For example, I had the sashimi set, which came with not only 3 types of sashimi (mediocre) but also a small piece of grilled fish, a bowl of sukiyaki, a bowl of miso soup with weird and unusual types of seaweed, rice and (lousy) pickles. Zoner had the grilled fish set, which had a similar range of dishes, but all different. Quality was pretty low, but so were the prices. Ambience was also nothing special. Kinda like this review.

Sorta like 'make your own luck'. I like that. Or maybe 'fortune favors the brave'. Or even 'fools rush in where angels fear to dine'.

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